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LeapFrog Scribble and Write

Light the way to early writing with Scribble & Write! Children trace the lights to get practice drawing simple shapes and pictures, then graduate to learning upper- and lowercase letters with step-by-step guidance. Fun learning games help reinforce letter recognition and pencil control skills. Best of all, Scribble & Write uses a single retraceable surface for ease of use and portability.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop

Power up a world of learning fun with a baby-appropriate laptop that’s just their size! Nine colorful keys are easy to press, bringing learning to life on the animated screen so baby can learn numbers, shapes, colors, object names, initial letters, and more. Flip the lid open and closed, or bat and roll the mouse for alphabet fun!

Kids Learn Spelling and Grammar: A+ Edition

According to the research, using video games to learn encourages the learner to take an active role in his or her learning, take risks, and engages the learner in an interactive, fun way. Using video games to learn ensures children get immediate feedback, understand each new skill before moving on to the next level, and challenges children to keep going to improve their scores or get more points and, while doing this, reinforce what is being learned.


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